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42724 - Sweetie Plum decides to skip school and stay in her bed. And while she is resting in her room without suspecting anything, her teacher comes to the dorm. He wants to find out why she was not at his lecture. The teacher comes into Sweetie Plum's room and freezes admiring the view of her beautiful ass peeking out from under the covers. After a little admiring he begins to touch the ass of the unsuspecting Sweetie Plum. But when he inserts his finger into her pussy, she opens her eyes. She is very surprised to see the teacher in her room. But then she realizes what's going on and decides to make things right for skipping the school. She freaks out when she sees the size of his cock, but she stuffs it into her mouth with ease and happily slides down his shaft with her wet snatch. Sweetie Plum wants the teacher to be proud of her so she pleads him to finish right in her mouth.

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Download this from Teen Mega World